Journal Prompts

During the course of these 14- days, I have partnered up with my dear friend Wellness Jess to guide us through her favourite journalling strategies. Journaling  is a place to confess our struggles and fears without judgement or punishment. If you kept a diary as a young girl, it likely felt good writing all those thoughts and feelings down on paper, perhaps the world felt clearer. Maybe you've stopped using a diary since you've reached adulthood. But girls, the benefits still apply. Journaling has been known to help you by helping you explore you emotions, enhance your sense of well-being, improve your working memory, reduce symptoms of depression, help you think clearer and boost your mood to name a few. To be completely honest with you, I have been very inconsistent with my journalling lately so it makes me very excited to stay committed to find a consistency in this practice again and watch the benefits that follows.