• Limiting beliefs are old, thought patterns that have gotten stuck on re-play as a force of habit. They're repetitive thoughts you have that are actually irrelevant to your current life. We all have them. I have many. The amazing news is that we can identify them, reason with ourself and reverse the cycle. AMAZING. Over the course of today I want you to write down in your phone notes whenever you notice a negative and repetitive thought come up. Then next to it, I want you to write down what you know to be the truth and what you would tell your best friend if they said that about themselves. For example, LIMITING BELIEF: I shouldn’t eat as much today because I am heavier than normal. REASONING: That is ridiculous. You know that you are so much more than your body and that it is how you feel INSIDE that matters the most.

  • See how you go… the mind is a wild place but sometimes all we have to do is reason with it.