DAY 11

  • 5 things you’re so grateful for

  • Today you are going to use this mantra: I am not my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. I am not my thoughts.

  • Bring up your list of limiting beliefs that you wrote up yesterday. Give them a quick read over then delete the entire note. As with any learnt habit, it’s not enough for us to have done this for one day so let’s do it again today. Again, write down any negative thought or story that comes up in your mind today and then reason with the thought. Write down why this thought is irrelevant and untrue, why it not longer applies to you, why in fact it’s wrong etc. NOTICE if any of the same ones that you wrote yesterday pop up today. Begin to realise certain patterns that come up in your thought patterns. This is how we begin to truly detach from our thoughts and witness in real time how the mind can play tricks on us.

  • TASK* share this thought tracking tactic with someone you feel needs it too…